Saturday, December 27, 2008

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone 2001

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone(2001) poster.

Title: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Description : Harry Potter, the 11-year-old boy
Rescued from the outrageous neglect of his
aunt and uncle. He proves his worth while
attending Wogwarts School of Witchcraft
Wizardry With a great destiny.
Director : Chris Columbus
Producer : David Heyman
Distributed : Warner Bros.
Writer : J.K.Rowling(Novel),Steve Kloves(Screenplay)
starring : Daniel Radcliffe,Emma Watson,Rupert Grint
Music : John Williams
Editing : Richard Francis-Bruce
Release Date: November 2001
Genre : Fantasy / Adventure / Family
Running Time: 2Hours, 32 minute
Tagline : Let The Magic Begin
Language : English
Budget : $125 million dollar
Awards : Nominated for 3 Oscars.
Nominations 46.
Won 13.