Monday, April 20, 2009

Prince Harry Potter First Kiss

harry potter kiss scene
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe has stayed true to his word and managed to kiss co-star Katie Leung 30 times before a scene from the new film was picture perfect.

Radcliffe, 17 had promised previously to mess up the scene in a bid to keep on kissing Scottish actress Leung.

Speaking about the kissing scene earlier this year he said: “It will be odd because one of my parents will be on set. It will be embarrassing, but hopefully I will work past that and be utterly professional.

"I will probably keep screwing it up so that I can keep doing it.”

After 30 takes the kiss as perfected and the cast and crew went home happy, Radcliffe said to The Sun: “We probably got it on the 30th take. My god it was fun. Me and Katie – we were awkward and nervous at first but once we got it was fine.”

Leung added: “Daniel is a good kisser. I really enjoyed it. He’s energetic and makes you feel relaxed.

The teenagers attracted a big audience while they smooched. Producer David Yates said: "The crew gathered round the monitor the day we shot the kiss.

"We did many, many takes and it's very tender and loving, as the first kiss should be."

Source: Daniel Semper